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Enjoy the video !

At play in the yard.

A previous litter .


Frequently Asked Questions


#1  Do you have any puppies available ?  Yes we do. You may call me at 828 443 0095. Please be prepared to tell me if you want a Traditional or Parti. Male or female and approximate weight full grown. I will look forward to speaking with you. 

Owner : Mike Powell

#How do I get on the guaranteed puppy pre-order list ? Once you pay your 500.00 non refundable cash deposit and fill out and sign a bill of sale you will be on our Guaranteed list. You may come here to Hickory and do this in person or we can use Pay Pal and email to get this accomplished.

#3  What is the pet price ( for the puppy , no registration , no breeders please ) of our pups ? The males that are tracking , at time of pick up , over 4 lbs full grown are 1,500.00 cash. The females that are tracking to be over 4 lbs full grown , at time of pick up , are 1,900.00 cash . Any puppy regardless of gender that is tracking , at time of pick up , to weigh under 4 lbs full grown is 2,500.00 cash. The chart that calculates the size of a puppy when it is full grown is based on you feeding your puppy , puppy food only until one year of age. Once your puppy gets to be one year old , now it is a dog and should be fed nothing but dog food. We feed Purina Puppy Chow Complete to puppies and then Purina Dog Chow Little Bites to dogs. If you feed your dog human food , like table scrapes , it will end up weighing more and have health problems. We never guarantee the final weight 

of a dog !

#4 How much is the nonrefundable cash deposit ?  500.00

#5 When can I pick up my pup and pay the cash balance ? When the pup is 7 to 8 weeks old.

#6  What if I want to register my dog ? We just sell the puppies as pets. If you want to register your dog you can register him or her with CKC once they are a year old. To register a puppy is to put his or her name on a registry with the DOB.

#7  Where are you located ? Hickory , NC

#8  Can I come there and pay my cash deposit , and meet you in person ? Absolutely . 

# 9 Do you have any tea cups ?  About 80% of time our puppies grow up to weigh around 5 lbs . We do have some as little as 3 lbs and some as big as 7 lbs. Just be aware the more specific you are about color , size , gender , markings and body or head shape the longer it will take to get a puppy. Please also be conscience that 2.5 to 3.5 lb dogs normally live 11 years and have to be treated carefully not to be dropped or stepped on . A 5.5 lb dog will usually live 14 years and is more hearty.

#10 Do you guarantee the puppy that I will be getting is a 100% purebred Yorkshire Terrier ? No , I have never heard of any breeder doing this. Because they can not guarantee that. Ninety % of our breeder dogs are registered AKC. And ten % are registered CKC. Which means each of those organization have the mother and the fathers name on a registry with the puppies date of birth. Thats it. Unlike most people think, this has nothing to do with DNA or the genetic makeup of a dog. Just like when you go to a wedding and sign the registry. That is why they are called registration papers. ( not DNA papers ).We make no representation about the DNA of our dogs and they are sold as is.  Having said that , we have invested heavily to make sure we have the best breeder stock and state of the art facility .The Breeders association rules the percentage of full blood genetics required for an animal to be purebred is 87.5 % or greater.

#11 What all comes with my puppy ? Hopefully 14 years of joy. We also provide detailed info about what we have done and when and what you should do medically for your puppy. We also provide a complementary bag of Purina Puppy Chow Complete ( with your five star review ) which is what your new puppy is already use to eating . . Also we answer the phone on the first ring seven days a week and try to give the best customer service in the industry . Read our reviews and you will see this is true. Some breeders offer a puppy package for an additional 199.00 or 249.00. This consist of a baby blanket , two dog toys , a zip lock baggie with one pound of dog food , and a couple small bags of dog treats.  . You can purchase all of this your self at Wal Mart or the dollar store for less than 10.00.

#14 Does my deposit come off the price ? Of course. No matter if your buying a home , a car or a dog the deposit always comes off the purchase price.

#15 When I get to your house for my appointment to put down my deposit or pick up my puppy should I text you to let you know I am in your drive way ? No. You have an appointment. Walk to the door and ring the door bell.

#16 If I live within an easy driving distance can I schedule an appointment and bring my puppy to you for deworming , vaccinations and preventative ear treatments ? Yes , I take appointments seven days a week and can do all of that in ten minutes or less for half of what you would normally pay.

#17 Can I just come look at all of the puppies? I am thinking about buying one. No. We are not a pet store. I am a dog breeder and live in a sub division. If I did this it would be a revolving door and I would never get my work done. We have invested a tremendous amount of time and effort putting around 80 videos of our dogs playing in our large fenced in back yard on You Tube at You can view our web site and see the guaranteed puppy pre order list  , and you can visit us on Face book at to see all of our 5 star reviews and happy customers.​

#18 Why am I getting my puppy sooner than you said ? You would think customers would all be happy about this. Some are shocked , confused , angry and argumentative. Others of course are very happy and excited. When I started this business I had to get my breeder dogs from someone. After all of my research and interviewing I found two breeders that I felt had great dogs. They are both very passionate about having the best , most healthy puppies possible and they are honest . The first breeder has successfully been breeding dogs for 40 years and the second for 24 years. Fast forward a year and a half. I have way more customers than I do puppies. They have more puppies than they do customers. This is due to their lack of advertising , social media and no web site. When they have a litter that is ready to be picked up they call and say would you like this litter? To date I have always said yes. These puppies are the same as my puppies because this is where my dogs came from to start with.



Side note and pet peeve : I retired when I was 41 after working 12 hours a day 6 or 7 days a week for 23 years . So , I am not breeding great dogs because I need the money to pay my bills . I am doing it to be productive , because I love animals and because I love to meet and get to know new , nice , friendly , honest people .

My promise to you : Unless I am asleep, in the shower or very rarely at the movies with my wife I will answer the phone . If you text or email me I will respond the second I see it and I check for that probably fifteen times a day . I will be kind and courteous and treat you how I would like to be treated . For years I taught how to give great customer service . Your puppy will be happy , healthy and very well socialized . I could go on and on about me doing exactly what I say I am going to do 100% of the time .

What I expect from you : Treat me with the same respect. Be courteous and appreciative . We will both have a better experience with kindness.

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