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This is the owner holding a very tiny new born Yorkie puppy !

Keeping Your Pets Happy, Healthy, and Safe!

“You could say breeding strong, healthy animals is in my blood.”

“Hello, my name is Mike Powell. I live in the western foothills of North Carolina and am the owner of Yorkies for Sale LLC. First let me say thank you for visiting our site and staying long enough to get to know us. I was born and raised on a farm out in the country beside of the Pisga National Forest. We had lots of cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, and a goat. While my friends from school were at the pool or a movie I was bailing hay, feeding the pigs or making sure a cow was alright while giving birth. When I wasn't working with animals I was taking pictures of them.

Fast forward fifty years or so, now my wife and son help me with raising these beautiful little Yorkies. I am currently a small home breeder. I look forward to meeting you and talking with you about plans you may have to purchase one of our little fury bundles of joy.”

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