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Very cute Yorkie puppies.

Beautiful , loving puppies.

We are a responsible breeder of healthy , happy puppies

who are waiting for you to be there new best friend. We have 

beautiful sable yorkies , chocolate yorkies , parti yorkies , 

tea cup yorkies and the standard black and tan yorkie.



#1 Way to avoid a scam !

If the person you are talking to wont let you come to where the pups are being raised and see or pic out your pup (Hang Up).

What are they hiding ? Do they even raise puppies ? I have literally seen pics of my pups that are playing in my yard ( that I have posted ) for sell in someone else’s ad.

Something else to strongly avoid. If someone ask you to send them money because they emailed you a pic of a pup. Usually it is a small amount like 150.00 or 200.00. 


Here is how it should go :


Here at Yorkies for Sale LLC when we have a litter born we post the new pups on our verified Face Book page which is under our legal North Carolina Seceratary of State name , Yorkies for Sale LLC. The potential customers who have followed our page will receive the post.

At that time they may contact us to make an appointment to come to our state of the art facility here in Hickory NC.


Upon arrival you will be ask to sanitize your hands and then only pick up the pup or pups you are planning on purchasing.

To hold your pup we require a 500.00 cash deposit and give you a bill of sale.


When we feel that your new pup is happy , healthy , well behaved , has had all age appropriate shots and worming medicine. Tail has been docked and dew claws removed you will be called to come pic up your new best friend and take care of the cash balance ( when puppy is 8 weeks old ).


I hope this article helps to educate potential dog owners and we look forward to working with you.

You may also visit our Face Book at Yorkies for Sale LLC.



Mike Powell

Life Is Just Better With a Yorkie!

Life only gets better when you have  a cute and cuddly puppy right by your side ! 

Find the new family member you’ll love from Yorkies for Sale LLC.

A happy customer with his two new Yorkie puppies.

Our Holistic Approach in Caring for Your Future Puppy

Yorkies for Sale LLC is a loving community for Yorkie puppies . That’s why we have different programs to ensure that our pets are cared for in the best way possible.

We promote and practice selective breeding to ensure that certain characteristics, traits, health conditions, and skills are retained from each offspring that we produce. Through this, we are able to provide you with a good-quality puppy !

We also have in-house training programs that help pets adapt to changing environments. This ensures that when its time for your new pet to go home with you , he or she is ready.

Lastly, we treat them as our own family, and we keep a community that focuses on their safety and happiness. Weather its an adult or a puppy  they are always clean , have plenty of the best food and clean water , never miss a vet visit and most of all , played with and loved !

 We look forward to talking with you. 828 443 0095

" Two of these pups came home with us yesterday. They are brothers, Buddy and Oscar, sweet as can be. Can't say

 enough about this breeder, Mike was fantastic with us and made time for us to come and see the pups and 

pick one out, he had two left. Couldn't separate the brothers, decided to take them both. So happy for that decision.

 Thanks Mike! "

Linda and Sal Addotta

Meet Our Family of Yorkies

We go to great extremes to make sure that our adult breeders and puppies are always safe and healthy. Our loving home is a safe space for them to grow until they find a new owner that will give them the love and attention that they deserve.

A very handsome white and sable Yorkie puppy.
A cute little Yorkie
A Yorkie snuggeling my wife.

Contact Information

Yorkies for Sale LLC

Phone: 828-443-0095


Hours of Operation

Sunday: 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

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